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Pregnancy period

Before Pregnancy, Know These 16 Changes Your Body Experience!

1. The uterus expand to make room for the baby. It grows from 50kg the 1kg (0.11 to 2.2 pounds) during pregnancy. As a result the abdominal wall of pregnant woman stretches.

2. The mothers immune system is also suppressed during pregnancy, to protect the baby from rejection by the mother's immune system.

3. The breast becomes Fuller and more tender during pregnancy. This is due to an increase in estrogen and progesterone hormones. The hormones prepare the mother's body to make enough milk.

4. During pregnancy the joints of mother losing. A hormone called relaxin softens the ligaments. This is to help make the pelvis more flexible during childbirth.

5. During pregnancy hair and nails may grow stronger and more rapidly.

6. The hair of a pregnant woman often becomes weaker and shiner due to all the extra fluid in pregnant women's body.

7. Some women may get swollen feet, puffy face and swollen fingers.

8. Some women may also have rosy complex due to increase in blood circulation to the skin. While others may develop brownish patches on the skin. These patches may appear round the eyes and over the cheeks and nose. This is due to an increase in a pigment that gives skin its colour.

9. Pregnant women may experience Varicose Vein near the vagina and vulva. This veins go away after the delivery.

10. Most women feel overly hot and sweat a lot during pregnancy. This is due to an increased metabolic rate and increase sweat gland activities.

11. The heart pumps extra blood as much as 50%. This helps supply enough oxygen to the growing fetus.

12. They resting heart rate also increases from 70 to 90 beats per minute.

13. The blood pressure of pregnant women generally decreases.

14. Women experience near sightedness during pregnancy. Researchers do not know why vision changes occur in some women. However, vision of most women returns to normal after giving birth

15. There is often a slight swelling of the vocal cords. Which can change a pregnant woman's voice.

16. Many pregnant women suffer from gastro intestinal issues such as acid reflux heartburn gas bloating and constipation.

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