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4 Immediate Signs That You May Suffer A Heart Attack Soon

Heart attack is one of the most deadly health conditions that anyone can experience. It is deadly in the sense that, once it strikes, the survival chances of such a person are usually very low. That's why most hospitals treat any heart related condition very seriously; it can in a twinkle of an eye send someone to an early grave.

The problem we often experience in this part of the world is that, we often neglect certain warning signs from our bodies and because of that, most health issues become severe before we commence treatment. Heart diseases also start small before suddenly causing an attack that ultimately leads to the demise of such a person. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the immediate signs of heart attack you should watch out for. If you notice more than 50% of the signs, immediately rush to the hospital so that you don't finally lose consciousness.

First of, what is heart attack? A heart attack occurs when there is an obstruction in blood flow to the heart. When something usually cholesterol or whatever blocks the arteries that supplies constant blood to the heart, an attack follows. But before that happens, you as the individual must notice some immediate signs and below are some of the signs.

1. Tightness or Aching Sensation in the Chest or Arm; this pain often comes in a stabbing form and it can also extend to the neck or jaw. If you are middle aged or old and suddenly start experiencing stabbing pain in your chest area, hand or even your neck without a clear reason, then there is a possibility that heart attack looms. So you must rush to the hospital immediately or call for help as this is one of the most serious signs of an impending heart attack.

2. Shortness of Breath; this is another sign you will most likely experience if a heart attack is looming. People who suffer heart attacks always find it difficult breathing well prior to the main attack. So once you experience a form of pain in your neck, chest or arms coupled with difficulty breathing, don't hesitate to visit the hospital.

3. Fatigue or Sudden Dizziness; this is another terrible feeling that you might experience when you're about suffering a heart attack and if you love your life, call for help or rush to the hospital for treatment. Sudden Dizziness or weakness is not just something to smile about or joke about no matter the reason.

4. Cold Sweat; you will also most likely experience cold sweats. You might just sweat even when the environment is cold because of the terrible blockage in some of the arteries carrying blood to the heart. Also note that these signs usually suffice at the same time.

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