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5 Simple Ways To Treat A Stomach Ache (Abdominal Pain)

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Stomach ache often refers to an abdominal is a dull ache that does not last long in the body,but causes pain.

It sometimes results to distraction as it does not make you find things interesting,like watching television or eating and soon.

These stomach ache causes severe pain which last for few hours. but if should exceed a day, you should seek medical attention.

If you have been suffering from stomach ache , here I got you some simple steps to use in solving these.

But first,.let us know what causes stomach ache. There are many others but don't forget ,we are still talking about how to treat stomach ache.

Here we would take a look at few causes of stomach ache known as abdominal pain.

Causes of stomach ache

1. Indigestion:

It is a discormfort on the upper abdomen. That is very difficult for food to digest into your body. This happens as a result of quick intake of foods.

Now if the food does not digest into your body, thid would cause pain.


This are hardened deposits of digestive food.this happens when stones pass through the gallbladder to the small intestine thereby inflating pain.


This is also caused by gallstones known as gallstone disease.

At that process causes pain.

4. Ulcer:

This is a sore that is developed in the lining oesophagus of the small intestine. Stomach ulcer occurs when the thick layer of mucus that protects your body from digestive nuice is reduced.

This causes pain due to the reduction of thick layer of the mucus which protects the body.

5. IBD:

This is known as inflammatory bowel disease. It happens when a malfunction of immune system occurs to the body.

Here are 10 simple ways to treat stomach ache known as abdominal pain.

Step 1:

Go to the bathroom,and sit at the toilet. after that, make a bowel movement, like bending your stomache to your knee gently. Do this for some minutes and see the difference.

Step 2:

Get a bot filled with warm water and press it softly to your stomach, if possible you can make use of a pillow both should be warm. Do this gently for minutes.

Step 3

Do an exercise by lieing with your back on the cushion and stand up to touch your this for minutes and see what becomes of it.

See picture below

Step 4

In this step, you can force yourself to vomit.make sure you try this. It might be that you are having an ingested virus or bacteria that needs to be escalated.

Step 5

This final step is very important, you need to take a hot bath in the can pour this for close to 10minutes and make sure you do this.

If symptoms persist, I will advised that you seek medical attention or visit a doctor for prescription.

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