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Do You Know That This Bulb is Poisonous? Here is How To Avoid Getting Poisioned By It

Do You Know That This Bulb is Poisonous? Here is How To Avoid Getting Poisioned By It

This kind of bulbs are known as fluorescent light bulbs and they can be found in most places around the country. They are mostly found in homes and can also be found in places of worship, place of work, banks, hospitals etc. Let's just say it is one of the most used bulbs in the country as of now.

One of the reasons why people really like to have/use this bulb is because of its extraordinary brightness. The brightness of this bulb can cover a wide range that normal bulbs might not be able to cover. Also there are people who feel Whit bulbs are safer than other bulbs for some reasons best known to them.

The question now is "are there any dangers attached with using this particular bulb?" The answer is yes. There are some dangers that you have to beware of when using the "Fluorescent light bulb".


This particular kind of bulb contains a substance known as "Mercury". Although, in a small quantity, but this substance can have a negative effect on the human system. This substance is poisonous and when a little amount of it is poured into hundreds of gallons of water, it pollutes it. Hence, when this bulb gets broken and it Pierce's into the skin of anyone who comes in contact with it, the person can get Poisioned.

The bulb is also made up of Lead and cadmium, these are metals that can harm the health of humans.The Ultraviolet Radiations that some of this Kind of bulbs emit can have adverse effects on the eye of whoever stares into it.

Here is how to avoid getting Poisioned by it

The problem with this bulb might arise when it gets broken and is not handled properly. There are people who pick up particles of broken bottles and sweep the very little particles. However, this shouldn't be done with this kind of bulbs. Picking up this bulbs with hands can lead to a cut from some of the particles hence leading to poisioning.

Also the gas that comes out from this bulbs when they break Shou not be inhaled. The area where the bulb breaks should be evacuated and the doors and windows opened for the gas to go out. You can also switch on the fan or AC for about 9 minutes.

Note: This article is not aimed at discouraging the purchase of the fluorescent light bulbs. The aim is to educate on how the broken fluorescent light bulbs Shou be handled to avoid any harm to the health.

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