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Health Damages Caused by Smoking

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,800 toxic and carcinogenic substances. When inhaled, these toxins are absorbed by the lungs and spread throughout the body.

Tobacco damage not only the respiratory system, but all organs and tissues.


1. Respiratory system

Cigarette smoke causes chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract, damages the bronchi and increases the risk of infection. Periodic smokers complain of shortness of breath, chronic cough and sputum.

2. The vascular system

In smokers, hardening of the arteries increases, the oxygen saturation of the blood decreases, the amount of LDL, which is called harmful cholesterol, increases, which leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques inside the arteries. As a result, blood vessels constrict and weaken, increasing the risk of vascular disease, heart attack and stroke.

3. Nervous system

Changes in blood vessels also affect the central nervous system, increase the risk of Alzheimer's and depression.

4. Leather

The nicotine in cigarettes weakens the blood circulation in the skin, resulting in pale, weak, aging skin.

5. Diabetes

Diabetes in itself damages the arteries. However, smoking increases the risk of vascular pathology by 2 times.

Quitting smoking is primarily a psychological process and requires strong, strong-willed motivation.

Biological regulation is an irreplaceable and positive method of cleansing the body of harmful substances and creating a feeling of aversion to smoking.

- Research Credit (Biological Medicine Clinic)

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