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Skin Care

Some foods that can cause wrinkles on the skin if eaten in excess

Unhealthy foods can certainly speed up the aging process. Studies show that junk food causes inflammation in the body, and chronic inflammation is at the root of the aging process.  

A person may appear much older than their age simply because they eat the wrong foods. For example, if you eat too many processed carbohydrates, of which there are many in bread, or if you eat too much sugar, it can lead to accelerated collagen breakdown in the skin.

In this article and inline with a publication on healthline, we will look at some of the foods that can cause wrinkles on the skin. Keep on reading and explore new knowledge.

Fried foods

Everyone loves French fries and chips, which should be completely removed from the menu. Foods that are fried in fat in this way can cause inflammation and wrinkles. So-called trans fats are best avoided as they increase so-called bad cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Processed meat 

contains saturated fatty acids and nitrates, which experts definitely do not recommend as they cause inflammation. Very fatty meats should be limited.


Alcoholic beverages should also be significantly reduced. In small amounts, they can have a positive effect on the body, but excessive consumption can not only accelerate the aging process but also damage overall health.

Vegetable fats and hydrogenated fats 

These types of fats include baked goods and snacks. These foods contain excessive amounts of sugar, which experts link to the development of wrinkles, and hydrogenated fats, which are not absorbed by the body.

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