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Foods you should not take with medication

According to Healthline Intake of a new medication may mean switching up your lifestyle a bit and that involves the foods you consume. A food-drug interaction means that a certain nutrient or compound within the food changes the way your body metabolizes the drugs you take.

Before taking a medication, ask your doctor about any alterations you may have to make to your diet. 

Some of the foods you shouldn't take with medication include.

1. Dairy

drinking milk when you are taking antibiotics. Intake of dairy can make some antibiotics to become ineffective. It is good not to consume dairy such as cheeses while taking medication as they have high levels of tyramine, an amino acid that assists check your blood pressure. High levels of tyramine are related to migraine headaches and blood pressure rise.

2. Grapefruit juice

Avoid consuming grapefruit juice whenever you are on medication. Compounds from the fruit (known as furanocoumarins) can stop an enzyme in your intestines from breaking down the medicine. This can cause a higher concentration of the drug in the body and potentially lead to a toxic reaction. Anyone taking virtually any medication should stop consuming grapefruit juice entirely.

3. Bananas and other potassium-rich foods High potassium content makes bananas healthy for the body. However, you could end up with too much potassium if you consume a lot of bananas while taking certain medications. These medications can make your body retain excess potassium that would otherwise be eliminated by the kidneys.

 Excessive accumulation of potassium can cause significant issues with your heart rhythm.

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