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Are there Rats in your House? Do this to Eliminate them

We've been especially plagued with rodents for decades now. They eat practically anything we've saved in our stores, in the kitchens, where something edible might be, and eat it entirely without leaving anything.

Please note the steps I will give you to take. If this article is very useful and beneficial then don't hesitate to inform your beloved and friends who have similar issues as well. Let's start!

Similarly, the method is a simple DIY method that costs almost nothing.

Gloves, measuring or weighing cup, bowl, sugar, flour or powdered chocolate, salt and detergent are required.

How to Make the Poison

1. Wear the gloves.

2. In the bowl, you should measure a cup of flour and sugar or chocolate.

3. Mix all the above items together.

4. Put 3 salt and detergent teaspoons in the above mixture.

5. Mix thoroughly.

Place it at a position in which the rats usually bother you and you'll see this mixture 's unique function.

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