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Powerful success secrets from Chinese bamboo tree


The Chinese bamboo tree has a lot of lessons to teach People. Expecially those that desire phenomenal success.

Before sharing the secrets it's vital I share the story of bamboo tree.

Bamboo tree when planted takes a lot of years to germinate, the planter will have to consistently water and nurture it for good five years.

The mysterious thing is that, there will not be a sprout or shoot out for five years.

After five years, the tree will sprout for the first time. In the period of 5 weeks after the shoot out, it will miraculous grow to a height of 90 feet. Amazing right?


 1. Are you working on a business or project currently? Keep watering and nurturing it.

 2. Do not despair: the bamboo tree planter knew they were doing the right thing and the results was certain, they didn't give up. They patiently wait and nurture it till success.

 If you are sure of your idea and dream, follow it patiently.

 3. There is speed in waiting: The bamboo tree spent 5 years in the soil preparing it's way. The roots travel far to the ground making it solid and strong enough before it shoot.

 Success happens mostly in the secret, don't hurry to be known, prepare yourself and business to be properly rooted. When you show up,you will over take many people.

 4. Shun criticism: because there is no results for your business at the beginning, People will mock and ridicule you. Just be consistent, they will Marvel at your lofty heights.


I believe you got value from this story?

I'm Sunday Ochoechi w.

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