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See amazing things you can use plastic bottles for, instead of recycling it

If you always throw away plastic bottles after using it or after consuming a drink, then this is for you. If you always dispose the used plastic bottles you usually use in your place of work, at home or anywhere you usually spend your time, then this is a wake up call for you.

See the amazing things plastic bottles can do and you will never want to recycle them again!

1. Bird Feeder : are you a bird lover? then you can use plastic bottle as a feeder for your beautiful bird.

2. Terrarium: kids love doing this. It is really good. Try it for your kids.

3. Egg yoke sucker: finding trouble separating an egg from its yoke? Then try using plastic bottle.

4. Pencil case: you do not want your pencils littering all over the place after using it. Keep it in order with a plastic bottle.

5. Food storage: you can store your cereals and snacks in it.

6. Garage storage: how embarrassing would it be to see nails, spanners and other equipments wishing for a company in your little garage. Try using this great master piece.

7. Flower paint stamp: Every art looks amazing with a plastic bottle stamp!

8. Bottle scoop: your garden or farm do need this!

9. Coloured lights: generate a bright coloured lights in your home and make it feel more homey.

10. Key ring: No need on spending money on key holders. Plastic bottle key ring looks spectacular.

11. Snack bowl: A comfortable snack bowl for you, your kids and everyone you love!

12. Broom: This is....... i really don't know how to describe it, but i will go with, thrilling!

13. Pet feeder: your pet will really thank you!

I know you are probably thinking about running to your back yard or any where you store your plastic bottles, to try this craftsmanship. But before doing that, read, share and comment.

If you have trouble creating the plastic bottle arts, you can check it up on YouTube.

Content created and supplied by: Temmy2000 (via Opera News )

Bird Feeder Terrarium


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