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10 photos of nature that looks exactly like something else

We often see human faces in objects and things. This scientific phenomenon is called pareidolia.

It is very common to spot living details in non-living objects which will make you want to look twice to figure out what is going on in the picture.

Here are 10 photos:

1. Lion on a wood

2. Rocks looking like a mother breastfeeding her newborn child

3. The shadow of a spider plant looking like an actual spider

4. A stick looking like a dog

5. A diabolical baby knee

6. A dead fly, looking like a soldier with a flamethrower

7. A Tree - Rex

8. A tree in Graz (Austria), which looks like a child is hugging it

9. Smoke looking like an old man and his dog

10. Can you find the first elephant?

It is more common than you might think, to spot unusual living details in non-living objects, it just takes a few minutes and also, an attention to figure out those.

Content created and supplied by: IzyAliche (via Opera News )

Graz Rex Smoke


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