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All the neighbors LAUGHED at his little house, but when they came inside they were all terrified.

Hey guys, just a few kilometers outside of Minsk flown's many large houses, there's one miniature house with a total area of just 16 square meters one could think that it was some sort of a Gatehouse, but that's not so. A family of three lives in this house and it's actually quite cozy according to the owners themselves. There's enough space for all the necessities and none of the family members feel deprived of personal space. This family isn't afraid to live in It's quarters because they believe that as long as their home is comfortable and cozy the rest will come. The story of the unusual House began when the escargot family bought the land where they planned on building a house while the construction within process. They had to live in the city in a rented apartment which cost him three hundred and fifty dollars, travel expenses to and from the construction site located 40 meters out of the city amounted to another $150 per month.

Spending $500 each month made the head of the family look for ways to cut down the cost and he came up with a brilliant idea to build a miniature house on their Suburban land and lived there while the big house is under construction. The couple found the blueprints for their future home online. Its size was 4 by 4 meters. The project had four levels, the main area was allocated to the living room, the kitchen was a bit higher and the sleeping area was located at the highest level. The house foundation was made of pillars and the wood for the construction of the miniature house was taken from the main construction site. For the windows, the man only had to buy glass as he made the wooden frames with his own hands. Laminate flooring was bought at a confiscated goods store, so it costs 70 percent less than if it were bought in a hardware store. According to the owner of the entire house including the interior items cost him four thousand five hundred dollars. Thanks to high quality insulation, the family only used air conditioning as a heat source. In addition to the air conditioner for house has a computer, a kettle, a stove a fridge and a number of other necessary electrical appliances. The families utility bill only includes electricity and in case of a power shortage the house has gas as a heating device. It's worth noting that the layer of the house is very well thought through. Each area is located on its own separate level. A washing machine and a water heater are hidden under the kitchen, a storage space for various little things is also located there. The bathroom has a shower in it. The fresh air for the house is supplied through the ventilation ducts located in the kitchen and in the bathroomSo this is how it's possible for an entire family to live comfortably in just sixteen square meters without spending too much. So friends, like our article if you liked this little house, and don't forget to share it with your friends. Also, let us know what your dream house looks like in the comment section.

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