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Stop Wasting Money On Insecticide: Get Salt, Kerosine And Any Detergent And Do This.

There are many people who have spent a huge amount of money on one insecticide not realizing that there is a better way to also get rid of insects that come in and crack in your home and that all it takes to get them permanently rid of in your home and in the compound is at your fingertips. Get a vacuum cleaner (eventually an Eva water vacuum bottle) get salt, kerosene and any detergent you like and follow the steps below.


Take the empty bottle, add about ten teaspoons of salt into the empty jar, get the detergent of your choosing. Add about 100 naira detergent, now bring your kerosene into the bottle and then cover and shake it very well until it gets half of the bottle. If you want to apply it, make a small hole on the bottle cover and apply it gently.

During this time you've been annoyed by mosquitoes, bedbugs, rats, flies, centipede, snakes , lizards, spiders, all kinds of creeping and flying spiders. After mixing together ingredients, you can now add them to destroy any insects that threaten the peace of your home.

Apply every three (3) to and around your compound to prevent snakes and any scary insect, for bedbugs, use it around the affected places and in the foam, and see if the combination, for mosquitoes, can drop in any of your room's strategic areas, and leave for 20 minutes, your peace will be restored, for the fly, fall around and you won't see it again.

After trying this and it's good for you, don't keep it alone, tell others about it, spread the good news, my late aunty told me how to do so, and her late mother taught her the same thing and I decided to share it with everybody.

God bless as you share this post.

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