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Meet Munroe the man who grows chairs.

The human race have been crafting furniture and architectural structures almost as long as we are making the tools that allowed us to do it. In a world were the legacy of technology gets outdated in just a little period of time or perhaps obsolete as soon you purchase a stuff within a given time of weeks or days ,it is reassuring to find someone taking time to discover and develop newer and more fascinating things which is to replace the current and existing ones.

Munroe is a furniture designer based in Derbyshire, England,who is taking a lot of time to craft his furniture between space of 4 to 8 years, instead of taking wood , cutting,shaping and designing it ,he trains and prunes the tree branches and they grow over specially made forms. Grafting them together so that the object grows into a solid piece of furniture.

After the tree has undergone shaping, a process which could take a year or more ,it is then the matter of patience. Waiting while the branches thicken and the tree matures before finally harvesting the piece and letting it season and dry. Finally the piece is planned to show off the wood and the grain of tree it came from.

Although Munroe is not the first ever to practice these chair growing experiment as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians grew stools ,while the Chinese dug holes in the ground filling them with chair shaped rocks and let trees grow through the gaps between them.

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