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Kitchen Hacks(Part 1) you wouldnt want to miss out

Do you know that Baking soda is the most essential material that can serve as a DIY for you on your kitchen?

If your microwave ever gets messy, a better way to clean it up is with Baking soda&water&vinegar

Make a paste with baking soda &water, use it to rub where you want to clean, then sora with vinegar.. Afterwards scrub off,

Next, is if you want to turn your chipping board as though its new all you need is lime+ flour Use lime to rub the surface, then sprinkle flour on top then pour it away ..

Next is for any of your Metallic object that is rusty, all you need is Salt+ Vinegar Then use foam to scrub on the surface before whipping away

For a dirty gas top, you need Tissue+ Vinegar

Then Clean out

For more, watch out for the other part of Kitchen hacks...

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Kitchen Hacks( Salt+ Vinegar


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