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If You Come Across This In A Hotel Room Or Public Toilet, Call The Police Immediately

These thing can be connected to any walls in the homes or any location like a public bathrooms and you won't even think twice about it. 

  What's the behind this innocent looking hook.? 

 On the walls is a hidden camera which watch people in the bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing room etc.. 

 Women without their notice is bejng recorded bathing or changing their clothes, so they won't know about it. 

  Their privacy is being violated and these people won't know they are being recorded. I believe this will make you have a flash back of the rooms you have busted in an hotel and unknowingly you have been recorded and your privacy is being violated.

These camera are easy to locate and install. The camera normally comes with a charger and a switch cable with a hook , so when you visited an hotel room please e make sure you check very well. 

  If you visited any room and you sense something like that or you saw a hook which look like the device please leave that room immediately. 

  Sometimes you will see a red light blinking that's a sign for you to leave the room immediately and call the police 

Hope you have learnt something new?

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