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See Why You Should Do Your Lagos House-hunting In The Rain

My name Is Emmanuel Idako

I'm from Akwaibom, but grew up in the environs of a typical Lagos highly populated area.

While growing up, I learnt a lot about my darling resident.

Need I remind you that some of those experiences were sweet- sour experiences?

In our two bed room apartment, was where the whole story began.

I lived in oshodi part of Lagos state.

Mind you, this place is more or else a slum except for the virtual development that has been variably noticed currently, all thanks to Ex Governor, Babatunde Raji, Fashola, and Ex. Governor Ambode.

I respect these both men greatly.

Atleast they did virtually everything possible to make sure that Our darling Lagos State bore a close resemblance to what our fathers envisioned.

I have decided to drop this write-up to give you my darling readers a bit of what my experience in Lagos was like.

It is true that Lagos is a beautiful place, but, like every other city, Lagos State has its ups and downs and one of such negative aspect, is what I will be telling us in this article.

Lagos I'd a riverine area, so it is almost impossible to escape from having your properties eroded during the rainy days.

A lot of house owners have lived in regret simply because they chose their houses during the sunny days.

They were simply fooled by the beautiful appearances of the buildings without considering the most important part of the building .

Some say considering drainage patterns, is overrated, but, I must disagree with that.

Considering the effectiveness of the drainage patterns of where you're planning on residing is very Paramount.

And you can detect how effective these drainage systems are, until during rainy season.

And that is why I am rendering this credible advise to you all.

Do not go searching for a house during the dry season.

You won't be able to tell if the house gets flooded or eroded during rainy season.

You can only figure this out when it's rainy.

So, to avoid be getting thrown out of your house by flood during the rainy season, make sure to do your House-hunting during the rainy days.

This will help you avoid making any terrible mistake of choosing a house with a poor drainage system.

Content created and supplied by: Sharppen (via Opera News )

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