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Safety Tips Everyone Should know About While Using Gas

Gas cookers are found in many homes because they are cleaner and more economical to use for cooking. 

However the problem associated with using gas at home is safety. It's also safe as long as you follow the safety measures..If cooking gas is not carefully handled in the home it could lead to a serious fire disaster.

Below are safety tips on how to handle gas cooker in the home:

1.You should ensure that there is a general safety measures in the home. Read carefully and adhere strictly to the safety guides and precautions prescribed for the gas cooker and cylinder

2. You should also ensure that your gas is well maintained.. Gas appliances should be checked and serviced at least once every year, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

3. At the slightest hint of the smell of leaking gas, open all the kitchen windows immediately (to regulate ventilation) and then ensure that the source of the leakage is found and fixed.

Note:Do not light a match when there is the smell of gas in the air!

4.Store gas cylinders in an upright position in a well-ventilated area that is far away from open flames, power outlets and electrical appliances. Also, ensure that your kitchen windows are open.

5.Do not sit or stand too close to cooker when in use, as this can be hazardous or result in gas burns. Ensure that burners not in use are turned off.

6.Ensure that you light your match or any other source of flame or spark first, before you turn on the gas.

7.Avoid the urge to physically shake the gas cylinder in order to find out how much gas there is in it. You run the risk of an explosion if you do.

Now you know, we hope you will be more careful while using your gas cooker...Don't forget to share, like and comment for more updates..

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