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These Celebrities Have Made Enough Money To Own The Most Luxurious Properties – Take A Look Inside

By kel Joseph


Before becoming an award-winning director, Ron Howard was famous for his portrayal of Opie Taylor in the popular comedy series The Andy Griffith Show. Howard became a famous director in his later years giving films like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind.

  Being very successful, this celebrity had enough money to buy a mega mansion at Connecticut's Conyers Farm which offers stunning lake views and looks like a fairytale scene. We wonder how exciting it would have been for the family to get out of this fantastic dream house sold for a whopping $ 27.5 million. The Alan Jackson Lakefront Residence in Georgia is a perfect summer destination. 


The country's iconic stately home, valued at $ 6.4 million, is the best retreat that includes a two-story boathouse, a stone patio, a dock and a screened porch. And the highlight of the place are the picturesque views of Lake Burton.

  That was just the exterior: the interior of this luxury property includes six bedrooms, three half bathrooms and six, as well as four fireplaces. Oh, and Mr. Jackson may have plans to sell it, in case you are looking for a property like this. 


A wonderful and incredibly beautiful home overlooking the picturesque Hollywood Hills is where Keanu Reeves lives today. The John Wick star purchased this beautiful property in 2003 and renovated it, transforming the 1988 family home into a masterpiece.

  The residence has 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which express its simplicity. In addition, it also contains a garage for three cars and a beautiful swimming pool to complete everything. What's more, Keanu has first-rate celebrities like his neighbors: Calvin Klein, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bobby Flay, all one block away!


This wonderful Californian-style Tuscan mansion is said to have been the home of the famous comedian Dick Van Dyke. The luxurious home is located on 1.37 acres, with its main home of 12,015 square feet. It comes with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a tennis court, a large swimming pool and lush gardens.

  It also includes a cellar and a home theater. It was originally listed for $ 8.9 million, but was sold in 2016 for $ 6.9 million, and whoever bought it must be prepared for some exceptional insurance premiums. Country star and husband of over 50 years, Carl Dean purchased this 3,325 square foot property for $ 400K in 1999 and years later, its value has reached over one million.

  The four bedroom residence is designed in such a way as to impress any buyer at first glance. The place also has a covered patio and a garage for four cars along with countless other internal services. Although it went on sale in 2017, it has not yet been confirmed whether it was actually sold. 

RICK HARRISON - $ 3.99 MILLION, LAS VEGAS Harrison, known for his appearance in the popular Pawn Stars story series, definitely has a good taste for buying things: his home in Las Vegas has a strong test! A few years ago, the television star purchased this property which he shares with his wife, who is a designer.

  With four bedrooms, a home theater, a cellar, a gym and seven bathrooms, the property is ideal for a family of six. However, Harrison has now decided to sell the place and anyone who wants to settle there needs to save only $ 3.99 million. . The 3,500-square-foot house is located on a mountain and is the perfect home for the actor and his wife Dale Russell, who have lived here for many years.

  The exterior of the multi-room property itself is extremely eye-catching and, if that's not enough, its warm interior leaves a lasting impression on any visitor. Guess the cherry on top? A swimming pool that offers incredible natural views! We wonder how much the actor could have wasted on this beauty.


Fashion Betsey Johnson has always believed in living a vibrant life, and her colorful Malibu home is the best test. The two-bedroom house was completely designed by the same star, marking the interiors with architecture on the beach and bright colors, seamlessly passing through the space.

  Adorning the exteriors are features such as a private garden with tropical-style plants and multiple entertainment areas. 

There is also an oasis in the courtyard where you can relax in a bathtub. The good news is that this paradise has been put up for sale and if you are interested in living like Betsey, now is the chance!


star Harrison Ford didn't have to think long before throwing nearly $ 13 million into a huge Brentwood house because with all the wealth he has, it apparently wasn't a big deal. for him. Located in a secluded area, the beautiful property includes 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, multiple fireplaces and a hut in the back which includes a guest suite and a projection room.

  The back of the house has a series of tree-lined courtyards, a built-in barbecue and a swimming pool, making it the perfect place to spend an evening with the family. 

Ms. Ford must be happy for sure! 


it's his professional or personal life, Joanne Woodward has succeeded in both. The love of his life: Paul Newman is no longer with us, but the best of his memories still resides in the house where they lived together until his death.

  The charming colonial property comprises five buildings including the main house, two barns (one of which is 200 years old) and a garage. Around the house there are well-kept lawns, gardens and a river which together make it seem like a perfect place.

 Now we know why the couple spent their whole lives there! 


The comedy specialist is generally careful to spend his hard earned money, but he couldn't resist wasting nearly $ 14 million at his home on the Rhode Island waterfront. Perhaps you were thrilled that the rich history was linked to this property which was built in the 1930s and called Terre Mare.

  Now called Seafair, Leno's stunning property has 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, a tennis court, a six-car garage and an enclosed garden where residents can relax and enjoy panoramic ocean views. 

Seems like a smart investment!


to Ali MacGraw's extraordinary performance, we still remember Jenny from the award-winning 1970 film Love Story. Even in real life, the actress had a beautiful relationship with Steve McQueen and the duo . She also shared a stunning mid-century modern home in Palm Springs.

  Cypress panels, a floating staircase and terrace floors are some of the features that add to make your interiors stunning, while a swimming pool that offers panoramic mountain views creates your perfect exterior. Unfortunately, the couple could not stay there long as they broke up and the house sold for $ 4.6 million in 2016.


You know him as the genius who created the epic War of the Galaxies, but you probably don't know the impressive series owned by this director. The latest addition to his collection is a large Bel-Air mansion which he purchased for a whopping $ 34 million.

  The spectacular home features nine bedrooms, a living room with patterned hardwood floors, a dining room that opens onto a patio, eight bathrooms, a cozy library and a large outdoor space showing a lush garden with various decorative fountains. . Given George's luck with elephants, we are confident that buying good home insurance will never be a problem for him. 


  Kathie Lee definitely has the talent that makes her one of the most successful personalities on television. After hosting a showcase for eleven long years, it is quite obvious that he has earned millions and it turns out that the famous TV presenter loves spending the hard earned money on buying luxury homes.

  Although Today's star is proud to own several properties across the country, her Florida home is the most captivating of all. With a swimming pool, gym, outdoor dining room, spa, eight rooms and many other amenities, Kathie seems to have made the right investment by squandering a good 10.5 million dollars in this building.

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