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After I Woke Up To Find This Strange Bird Singing In Front Of My Window, This Happened (Fiction)

My name is Anthony, am an electrical engineer by profession, the company I worked with is based in Lagos State, Nigeria but since I was just just promoted to position of branch manager. I was told I would be relocating to Cross Rivers where I would be managing one of the company's branch office there. I am telling you all these because something quite unusual has happened to me recently and am confused on the next step to take.

Continue reading if you want to know the details of what happened.

I arrived in Calabar just some few weeks before the lockdown order was placed in the country , that's before there was any ban on inter-state movements. It was my first time in Calabar and I wanted to settle down quickly.

In no time I had contacted an agent and told him the kind of apartment I needed, I wanted a luxury but still affordable apartment, truly he took me too a very beautiful apartment , it's rent was so cheap I didn't waste any time in renting the apartment.

Little did I know that there was a reason why an apartment so fine had such a cheap rent fee . One Early morning, a week after I had moved in I woke up too a melodious tune , with sleepy eyes wondering where the sound was coming from, I saw it, a strange white bird was perched on my window and was singing clear and audible tunes.

When I woke up that next morning, I dismissed the strange encounter with the bird as a dream but since then strange things have been happening to me, have been falling sick continuously and having scary nightmares..

My gateman who noticed how seriously ill I had fallen called me aside one day and told me some bizarre Revelations . According to him the house I was staying in was haunted and the previous owners never stayed up to a month before they packed out and ran away. No wonder, that's the reason why the rent was so low.

Now am confused and scared for my life , I can't go back to Lagos now because of the lock down. The nightmares have gotten worse , and am very pale and sickly now too.

What do you think I should do:

Should I run away from the apartment like the previous tenants?

Should I dismiss what the gateman said and stay in my apartment?

Am I wrong to think the strange bird singing has anything to do with my problems ?

Now this is where I need your advice, I'm confused right now. I don't even know what to do.

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