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Check Out What Will Happen If You Bury An Egg In Your Garden Soil

Check Out What Will Happen If You Bury An Egg In Your Garden Soil  

A private backyard or a garden is a unique place, where you can work and then relax. You might be interested in this ideas if you have your own love to create and small piece of nature. 

A planting board

A screws, board, and wine corks can help to facilitate the process of planing seedings. 

A patio table

By using pallet you can make a stunning outdoor table then you can decorating it with plant.

A pond

You will only need a tractor tire, if you want to make a pound or even a fountain in your garden.

A board for cutlery.

By follow this instruction, you can make make a convenient board for garden tools or cutlery.

An egg in a soil

If you fill the pot with 2 inches of potting soil. Now place one uncracked raw egg in the pot and then cover with soil. The result is that as the egg decomposes, it will serve as a natural fertilizer.

A bench

Don't throw your old chair away, you can make a bench from them.

A container for gardening

Did you know an old dresser can perfectly organize your plant.

A sink

Just like this, you can turn a barrel into an outdoor sink.

A swing

To have this swing kids will be happy. Also it's so easy to make them.

A compact bar

Hang a small box on the wall and use its side as a table, This is an idea for outdoor parties.

A hammock

It is so easy, you can make this hammock all by yourself.

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