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This Creativity Got Me a Little Tied Up As Flower Grows From Her Eye Check it Out on how she did it.

This girl has taken it to a whole new level by making her face look like a plant or flower is growing from there. This is is totally amazing and breath taking.

Many people are creative , and few are the once that can take it to a different level, but many are too scared to take it to a different level, it could be the fear of taking risks, or they are scared that no one will appreciate their talent.

And This girl fell in the category of those of those who understand what potential means .

Below Are Steps on how she did it.

Here You Can see a clean face with no Marks or colour but with a double face which you young notice.

And here you can see that she tore some parts of it to give it a hole shape. And also she has already started applying a red paint inside the hole.

And here She is done applying the red paint inside the hole Shape and already applying white glue on the red paint.

And here she covered the white glue with a red paint and putting a rubber plant in the upper side of the hole to chic bone.

And now putting another one form the jaw to her ear love.

And here she's applying a more darker red to make it look more realistic.

And Here she is applying another glue all round her left eye.

Right here she is making a hole again around her left eye where she added the glue.

And Now painting it red again.

Right here she is done with the red.

And now making it look like blood is coming out from the holes.

And here she added a flower round her left eye. And done .

Below are some more photos of the creativity.

How do you see it ,

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Content created and supplied by: Emmanuelkelechi (via Opera News )


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