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How to Build an Affordable House with Plastic Bottles filled with Sand the Bricks are Strong

Plastic bottle houses are built using plastic bottles filled with sand. 

The good News is that you don't need to buy sand. 

All the sand you'll fill into the plastic bottle is gotten from the excavated Land you dig. 

Cement is also used for filling and plastering the walls to make it strong and tough. 

PET BOTTLES can last for at least 300 years. 

Building with Bottle is an effective solution for reusing the plastic.

 Bottles have the following advantages 

1) The total waste generated is reduced.

2) The source of building material is local.

3) The natural resources are preserved.

4) The plastic bottle is inexpensive

The technology used is small and easy to implement

The process of building an Eco brick house is simple.

 Bottles are collected and filled with sand, then stacked on their sides and bound together with mud or a cement mix, creating solid walls.

 The structures are well insulated, incredibly strong (20 times stronger than brick), fire resistant, and even bulletproof. 

A typical two-bedroom home with a toilet, a kitchen, and a living room requires 14,000 plastic bottles and costs a quarter of what a conventional house will need. 

Building with bottle is not too common but this innovation is gradually becoming acceptable.

If you use a hammer to hit a cement block it will break immediately but if you use a hammer to hit a plastic bottle filled with sand it will not break or destroy. 

The plastic bottle brick is eco friendly,water resistant,fire proof and cheap.

If you have difficulties saving money to build a home why not consider a plastic bottle eco brick house which is cheap but valuable.

Bottles are not expensive, so you can cope building this type of House which is still strong, beautiful,attractive and reliable.

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