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Dubai's Top 3 Most Expensive Homes.

Dubai is revered as one of the most lavish destinations in the world the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates was once a sleepy little trading Village, but the discovery of oil in the 1960s transformed it into one of the most high rent areas on Earth. They have intentionally tried to tempt the ultra-wealthy to move with incentives such as zero property tax and lifetime visas, but exactly how much does it cost to move to Dubai today. We are looking at the top 3 most expensive homes in Dubai.


Emirates Hills Villa is truly one of a kind. Not only does it have seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, the house also features two full kitchens in case you ever need to make food for a party or celebration and when your high roller friends come to visit they can park their car in the massive 10 car garage located beneath the house. There is also space for at least eight staff members meaning that you can be comfortable 24/7 and count on excellent service. The backyard has an infinity pool, barbecue station and sunken fire pit. The high-end finishing in the Villa have Stones imported from Israel, hardwood floors, custom steel beams and marble imported from Morocco. The high ceilings take inspiration from the French Renaissance, which gives a special effect to this property. The property also offers its residents with amenities like a private gym and though It's prohibitively expensive for almost everyone on Earth this house caters to the ultra wealthy expats who have been settling into buying in recent years.


The word Mansion doesn't even begin to describe the second most valuable home in Dubai known as the Gulf Villa.For its special location directly next to the Dubai Hills Golf Course is seven-bedroom, 9 bathroom. This home is currently on the market for thirty six point seven million dollars. The neighborhood is meant to foster a feeling of community among its residents and is located next to world-class Healthcare facilities, colleges and five-star restaurants, and there is a massive game room down that's meant for entertaining. It features a pool table, and home theater and the doors open on to the luxurious infinity pool.The style has been described as contemporary era best. The Arabesque is the most recognizable geometric Motif in Islamic Art and is featured prominently around the property. Of course, the owners can expect a full host of unexpected amenities as well. For example, the roof opens up onto an open-air gym so that exercise enthusiast can get their heart rate half while viewing the beautiful surroundings.With a 15-car underground garage and on-site staff quarters, the owners of this amazing Villa will barely need to leave the house.

1.This house is worth a jaw-dropping fifty-four point four million dollars, making it the most expensive house. It has six bedrooms and nine baths meaning it's not the largest house in Dubai, but it makes up for quantity with quality. It has a study room Cinema room, two Maids rooms, drivers room, Try Pantry, two storage rooms, three Terraces full balconies and a landing area. It also features the kind of smart home technology that was first featured in Bill Gates home in the 90s. Residents can input their favorite temperature and music and the humble next to their specifications when they enter a room and unsurprisingly, this house has an infinity pool off the Burj Khalifa and access to Nature with a few minutes walk.The patio is lined with palm trees and is truly one of the most Exquisite homes ever built.

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