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The sculpture on the walls of these ancient house explains the classes of people in this country

I have lived on my street since 1999 but it's just yesterday I noticed that the first house on this street which also turns out to be the first house that has been built there since 1984 has sculptures on its wall. At first, i thought they were just mere designs to beautify the house but when I took out time to observe and study the artwork, I then realised that the artist was indirectly passing a message.

The sculpture is done on both the right side and the left side of the house. If you take a close look on the right side you will see that a farmer, fisherman, hunter and the mouth piece of the gods is being moulded there. I'm thinking that the artist is trying to explain that in the rural era before technology came into existence, our forefathers usual engaged in farming, hunting, trading, fishing in order to provide for their needs and that of the family.

Each of these people are seen carrying their harvest to the mouthpiece of the gods which means that they all had a diety which they showed appreciation for the gift of life and good health.

The artwork on the left side signifies the various instruments used by different tribes during their cultural or festive period. Finally the sculpture in the middle of the house shows how a Hausa man is hugging an Igbo man who is married to a Yoruba wife and I think it explains that there is no need for tribalism because we are one Nigeria. The hand shake beneath the sculpture signifies that we warmly welcome people from other parts of the world.

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