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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Home

It can be annoying when you see cockroaches running around your house like they own it. Cockroaches reproduce really fast and can be hard to get rid of because when you kill one, it has reproduce much so killing cockroaches doesn't really have much effect.

Cover all leakages

Cockroaches love moisture that's why you mostly find them near your sink or any humid place. Cockroaches can survive months without good but can't survive days without water. An effective idea is to cover all leakages no matter how small it is. This is to stop the old ones from surviving.

Use citrus

Citrus are a natural repellent to cockroaches. While we may love the smell, it's pleasant to know that the same isn't so for cockroach. Fruits like orange, lemon, lime and other citrus irritates them so you can leave orange peels lying in your homes in places where there are high possibilities of seeing them. Citrus stops new cockroaches from coming and also helps with the old ones.

Boric acid

Boric acid is very effective in getting rid of cockroaches. Take three part boric acid and one part sugar. Place it where cockroaches are more likely to be and leave at night. The sugar is to lure the cockroaches while the boric acid gets rid of them.

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