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Here are 5 Businesses You can Start With 2k and Earn 150k While Waiting for N-POWER Shortlisted List

While the wait is on for the N-POWER Shortlisted list, numerous people have just been idle waiting for it.

But here are 5 awesome businesses to do while the wait is on that can fetch you good money at the interim.

1. Blogging:

This is a gold mine that most Nigerians don't know can fetch them good money.

OperaNewsHub has made blogging very easy that anyone can make money from it.

Just sign up on the OperaNewsHub platform and write about what is trending and you are good to go.

2. Laundry Service: with as little as 2000 naira, you can purchase cleaning materials like Hypo, detergents, and soap and many other things need for the job.

After this, you can inform people around your area that you can help them out with their laundry, am very sure you will get people that will patronize you.

3. Fruits and Vegetable Farming;

The Government of Nigeria is putting several efforts to diversify the economy of the Nation and you can tap into this niche.

Get a small piece of land in your yard and plant vegetables like Agu leaf (pumpkin) or waterleaf. In no time, you will make so much from your sales of the vegetables.

4. Selling of Fruits Salad: many Nigerians love fruits and this is a market for you. Just buy some simple fruits like watermelons, pawpaw, mangoes, and chop them into small cubes. Then mix them together and refrigerate them. Package them is disposables packs and sell them.

5. Become a Home Cleaning Agent:

In busy cities like Lagos, many Nigerians don't have the luxury of time to clean their homes and this is an opportunity for you. They prefer hiring someone to do their cleaning when there are at work or on Saturdays while there are resting. Select a Target area in your neighborhood and talk to the owners to hire you to clean for them. Once you get the job, do it diligently.

I believe this business will keep you busy and drop some good cash in your account at the end of every month

Content created and supplied by: Cadetenyioko (via Opera News )

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