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Stop Throwing Away Tin Can, See How You Can Make Millions Of Naira From Them Here

What do you do with your tin cans when you are done cooking?

Some of us always throw it away while some of us throw it in the recycling bin. Some of us even go to the exdend of piling it up till the bin is fully loaded. With your cans either way, you can make amazing stuff from it.

Honestly speaking! You won't believe that all this things we are wasting can be use in creating some good stuff, with simple cheap craft supplies.

It can be convert into household decorations, while it can also be use for toy especially for your kids.

Here i will be sharing with you some amazing wind chimes on my research that will make you make you feel like wow. Amazing!

Tin Can Votive Candles With Letters

You can also use this instead of buying Christmas tree and snowflake designer, using the same idea.

Tin Can Made Into a Charming Wreath

You also paint it any color of your choice. Many people would not think of this idea but for those who are clever, they can make anything even better than this.

Burlap-Covered Tin Cans Candles Holders-Perfact Fro a Wedding

You can make a tin cans into a lovely candle holder if you are clever. Fins some some embellishments and wraps it up with it. This will be amazed on a banquet table at a wedding reception if I may say.

Beautiful Tin Can Rose That Last Forever

A rose from a flower may be given to someone but would not never last forever, but a man made rose flower given to someone can last forever. And it will be amazing for decorations around your home.

Tin Can Silverware Holders

This is a clever idea which is pleasing, some of us keeps all our intensity shoved in a drawer while we have to do some searching before we can grab what we need.

Tin Can lamps For Ambient Lighting

It is Amazing to walk into a room and see a beautiful reflecting flames of candles lights, which produce a warm and inviting effect on your body.

Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree

You can also use your time can as your Christmas tree ornaments! What an amazing idea that would be!

Hanging Hairbrush Storage

I knew some of us hate digging our hands into our wardrobes for our Hari brush, you can also you this clever idea by finding solution to your problem.

Upcycled Keyboard Wrapped Around a Tin can: Accessories Cup

If you have an old keyboard that is no longer useful either in your office or at your place of work, you can use it as it is shown in the images. It's a clever idea.

Rocket Stove For a Tin Can

The rocket stove made with tin can, can boil water with in ten minutes, and it is very easy to carry, you can travel with it, it can be carry along to your camp. It will be an amazing idea only if you can create one for yourself. And make big money out of them.

Hope you find some interesting ideas on how useful your tin can is, if so please stop throwing away the tin cans save them all.

I will be sharing with you more of my research on another stuff like these.

please kindly share with me if you have done any of this before or any idea on what you can make from tin can on the comments below!

Content created and supplied by: Opeyemiade (via Opera News )

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