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Notice: What 07/07 Actually Stands For

Good day every one, welcome to today's edition... and in this edition we are going to be seeing you a sound advise... failure to yield then you Ave yourself to blame.

Today mark the 7th day of July and popular know as 07/07 by some men in some kind of locality.

Usually in this date (today) they would do crazy things... including almost killing someone else. So it is advisable to stay at home today try to postpone any other activities you have and try to be indoors.

Even when you intend going out do not go too far from your house so you could easily get back as the case may be.

If you are one of those celebrating... kudos... if you are a novice better stay indoors.

It is better not to go out today but be healthy than to do out and come back with pains.

A word is enough for the wise as they say.

Thanks for reading... if you have opinion abour this... feel free to share.


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