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How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Turmeric At Home. It’s Easy

It is commonly known that turmeric is extremely beneficial and that it is used in so many ways. The beneficial properties of turmeric are scientifically proven by many experts and scientists.

This spice is obtained from the root of Curcuma and it has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and antibacterial properties.

Do you know that you can grow an endless supply of this natural miracle?

Turmeric is grown from rhizome cuttings so you will need a large rhizome. First break it into small pieces and then put lightly moist, rich fertility soil in the pots. Place the rhizomes 2 inches below its surface with the buds facing up.

Then, water the pot well and add some quality fertilizer.

Keep the root moist all the time and that is why you need to water it regularly- once in a few days, especially if you live in hot and dry climate. You cans also spray it. But if you live in cold climate, then it doesn’t require often watering.

You can harvest the turmeric after 8-10 months as it will be grown enough for a harvest. When the rhizomes grow sufficiently large, dig them up all at once. But if you want to plant new ones, leave several of them.

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