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Never throw away old cds again, see some useful ideas for them.

You have these old CDs littered all over your wardrope, your cleaning your room and you find them and decide to dispose of them, before you do that, you should know that you can use those CDs to decorate your house or your room.

There are many things you can use your, old, watched, dumped CDs to decorate in your living room, you just have to be creative, if your not then look at this compilations

1. Flower vase

2. Wall pocket3. shoe designs 4. Necklace designing 5. Cup holder6. jewelry box 7. Guiter mosaic 8. mosaic tile (bird bath) 9. Necklace 10. sculpture11. mosaic table 12. Mosaic tiles 13. Cup holder 14. Curtain 15. Jewelry holder 16. Mirror You can even break CD plates into peices, attach them on your bulb in your home, and then it becomes a disco ball showering different lights, do this to multiple bulb in you living room and it will become a luxury room.

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Cup Guiter Necklace


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