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Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Decorate Cake

Last week, we started with Step - By - Step Instructions On How To Decorate Cake ( Lesson 1), in which I taught the basics. Later, this week, we also made Lesson 2, in which we talked about

- Coloring Icing

- Stacking the cake,

- Icing the cake,

- Combing the cake , and

- Preparing the Bag.

If you don't really understand or missed out on lesson 1 & 2, you can check my post for Lesson 1 & 2 or Click this link to view lesson 2 on Opera News (Step - By - Step Instructions On How To Decorate Cake) ( Lesson 2) :-

Today we will enter deep into the main decoration of the cake.

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All decorating begin with tips. There small metal cones have openings which are shaped to produce the designs you want when icing is squeezed through them.

The size or shape of the openings identifies the basic group, or family, to which the tip belongs and tells you the type of decorations the tip will create. Each tip in a family will produce an effect like it's other family members.

Every tip can do many more things than we have described. Want to learn about other great ways to use your tips, keep following me on Opera News and If you are yet to follow, kindly click follow.

Please Note:- I won't give full details about each tips now, by our lesson 4, I will give full Tutoria on how to use each tips for decoration.

1) Round Tips

Dots, Outlines, Printing and Writing.

2) Star Tips

Stars, Pull - Out Stars, Star Fill - in, Rosettes, Zigzags.

3) Petal Tips

Bows, Flower Petals, Ruffles.

4) Leaf Tips


5) Drop Flower Tips

Swirl Drop Flowers.


It's almost time to start decorating. But, before you begin, keep in mind that any decoration you make will be affected by this 3 key elements below.

1) Icing Consistency

The texture of your icing determines what kind of decorations you will be able to make.

This consistency helps you pipe the uniform designs that create a perfect border. To make medium icing, add 1 1/2 - 2 Tablespoons light corn syrup.

Thin icing is used for writing, leaves and for frosting the cake. Add 3 - 4 Tablespoons of corn syrup to thin basic buttercream icing.

You can also make Stiff Icing for flowers with upright petals using the recipe. Adding more confectioner's sugar also makes buttercream stiffer.

2) Pressure Control

Knowing how hard to squeeze and when to relax your grip on the bag is essential to perfectly - formed decorations. Your goal - learn to apply pressure so consistently that you can move the bag in an easy glide while just the right amount of icing flows through the tip. This will happen with practice.

3) Bag Position

By position, we mean holding your bag at the correct angle and direction.

Angle is the position of the bag relative to the work surface. The two basic angles used is 90° ( Straight up) and 45° ( halfway between vertical and horizontal).

Direction is where the back of the bag is pointed as you decorate. Think of the back of the bag as the hour hand of the clock. If instructions say to hold the bag at 6 : 00, hold the back of the bag toward you. For 3 : 00, hold toward the right, for 9 : 00, toward your left.

Note: Lefties should hold the bag in the reverse direction stated.

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