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Know The Myths About Virginity And Stop The Wrong Accusations Of The Female Folks

The issue of virginity has otherwise broken homes that would have been very peaceful and blissful simply because females are judged by the anatomical structures between their legs. We all have fancy expectations of being the one to pop the cherry of our women or the one to breaker the "membrane" and when those expectations are not met, we begin to feel deceived and wronged especially when those women have told us before our first sexual encounters that they were still intact.

This has broken many homes. I am not saying some females are not guilty of deceiving the male counterparts, but it would interest you to know these two facts about virginity tests and how inaccurate we have all held on to wrong notions.

1. Almost 50% of females will not have the membrane even at their first sexual experience. The believe of everyone including the female is that the membrane called hymen must be broken on their first intercourse and at such, there must be blood flow or stain on the bed sheet. Not everyone would have that mucosal damage that would lead to blood flow on the first night. There are two reasons why this would be so. One, the hymen membrane is a very thin layer that can be broken through exercise or hard labour or other means apart from sexual intercourse.

And secondly, almost 50 percent of females do not have these membrane due to the shape of their own hymen. At least there are five different types of hymens.

Of all these five types, only the imperforate and cribiform types are likely to lead to blood flow during the first sexual experience. Females with the other three may never experience blood stains on their first nights.

Many cultures and religious groups have constantly put the stigma on the female folks. There are even some countries where their female have to go through virginity tests before they can join the military. People see it a way of knowing those that would be well behaved during their time at the training but to some it is dehumanizing and inhumane.

2. Another myth about virginity that is not true is that once the hymen is broken, it is gone forever. This from anatomical point of view does not hold any truth.

Hymen like I have said comes in many shapes and elasticities. It can expand to different levels. And remains forever even with those that expunged blood on their first nights.

Haven educated us from the medical points of views it is noteworthy for all of us to let the society know that it is wrong to judge the sexual journey of every frmale by the shape of what is between their legs or what comes out of them in their first sexual experiences.

Many ladies in a bid to overcome the societal stigmas have spent lots of money on surgical procedures to fix fake hymen especially in the middle eastern countries, and many have even been wrongly killed for losing their virginity before marriages just simply because there were no blood flow on their first nights. Many faithful marriages have also been ended because the husbands felt cheated for not being the one to pop their wives cherry on their first nights.

Let us all spread these messages and safe the wrongly accused from this one sided battle.

Content created and supplied by: Olatunbosunsuccess (via Opera News )


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