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See what my elder brothers wife was doing at our neighbors apartment

I went to my elder brother's house for holiday due to the lockdown the government wanted impose on the city, I possibly thought it would be much better over there since its more like a rural settlement . I had planned to to stay there for some time and my elder brother had no problem with that, he even gave me a room where I could stay and feel very comfortable. few hours later his wife came to welcome me she told me to feel at home, although I haven't known that much.

I had already stayed for about four days and was very comfortable, until a particular night I noticed something, I heard footsteps from the back of the windows of the room giving to me I stood up and decided to see through the window, but I saw nothing.

The next morning I woke up went outside, then I saw my brother and his wife they were both discussing, I greeted them, his wife then looked at me in a way that got me thinking, what went wrong.

Three days later my elder brother went for a night vigil with his wife, I decided not to follow them cause I just did not feel like going. I didn't feel sleepy that night so I turned on the television. After an hour when they left I started hearing some knocks on the door, I went to check it out, but the sounds wasn't from our door so I went outside to know where the sounds came from, and surprisingly it was my brother's wife entering our neighbors house. I went towards the door and knocked, our neighbor was surprised to see me, he allowed me enter inside, I quickly went inside the inner part's of the house only to find my brother's wife cooking for our neighbor. I was quite surprised, then I asked her why she was doing it, she said she only wanted to help the man (our neighbor) cause he had lost his wife and had no one to cook for him and that I shouldn't let anyone know about it, and that she only wanted to help, so I left and went to sleep.

The next morning I saw my brother, i refused telling him anything so that I won't cause any problem or confusion.

please what do you think, did she only wanted to help or there is another interior motive.

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