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KANO CARPET Factory That Exports Rugs To USA And Other Countries, Is Causing Controversy On Twitter

Kano State is currently trending on Twitter at the moment after a man named Ovie made a post stating that Kano state has been exporting rugs and carpet outside of Nigeria.

Ovie made claims that Kano State Carpet factory exports Rugs and carpet to other African countries and the USA, as one of the largest producers of a rug in Africa through Jakkay carpets and rugs.

Ovie went further to share photos of the Acclaimed rug factory, he shared photos of beautiful rug patterns which the company produced.

However, this strikes a controversy that is still going on at the moment on Twitter, where people are already arguing as to the authenticity of Ovie's claims about Kano.

People attacked the post. One claimed that Ovie is paid to promote Kano state, yet another cited why does kano state have Almajiri large number Almajiri and still in poverty if they're rich.

While others turned against Ovie, a handful more appreciated what Kano State is Doing and praised the state for standing out.

To clear the naysayer's doubt, Ovie had to bring a proof that dates back as far as 2009, proving that indeed Nigeria were actually exporting Rugs to the United state.

Below are photos from the Carpet factory

It Apparent from the comments that little or nothing is known of the acclaimed carpet factory which is located in Kano state, as people kept asking of its location. Ovie however, provided the location of the factory and made more revelations along the way.

Do you know of the Carpet Factory in Kano or Are you just hearing about it now too?

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