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See pictures of Plants with amazing human-like features.

Have you ever come across a plant and the first thought that up in your head is "this looks like something else".

I stumbled upon some plants with an amazing resemblance to human body parts, let me take you through these 8 plants that's looks allot like some human parts.

1. Psychotria elatra.

You'll find this unique plant in South America. It's brightly red coloured curved leaves gave it the looks of a thick beautiful lips.

2. Poppy Plant

This plant is usually found in Meadows or mountains. The flower type is now widely cultivated as plants for decorative purposes.

3. Auricularia Auricula

This plant has a widened body shape similar to that of a human ear.

4. Loofah Vietnam

In Indonesia, the fruit Loofah is a very familiar fruit with the natives. This fruit looks very similar to a woman's breasts. It comes originally from Vietnam. It has a pink color with an enlarged end portion with a black lump.

5. Snapdragon.

This plant has a Latin name Antirrhinum majus. It has a unique flower shape that looks creepy, with a striking resemblance to a human skull.

6. Guarana

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a vine with wide leaves and clusters of flowers. The skin of the fruit is red with a white within. There are black seeds inside, good giving it the resemblance to human eye balls.

7. Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

These plants can be found in the Mountains of Cambodia. They are canivorous plants, they have an amazing resemblance to the human male genitalia.

8. False Morels

These false morsel are not completely attached to the stem. They have a wavy, lobed exterior, very similar to the wrinkled cerebral cortex of the human brain.

What do you think about these plants? If you find this post educating, then don't forget to share with others. 

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Auricularia Auricula Loofah Vietnam Poppy Plant Psychotria South America


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