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Never Throw Away Your Used Engine Oil Again. See 5 Things You Can Use It For.

Never Throw Away Your Condemned Oil Again. See 5 Things You Can Use It For.

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Used engine oil is like gold mine in the hands of the right person. One mans trash is another man's treasure,so whether it's coming from your car or generator or some other source,get your hands on as much as possible.

You may still be wondering,what good can come out using a used or condemned engine oil. I am going to reveal the wonderful uses of this popularly ignored waste product.

There are plenty uses for condemned oil once it has been cleaned out for contaminants.

Here are the uses of condemned oil.

1)Wood Treatment: Motor oil can be used to treat wood,as long as you fees it. Oil never dries,which means you can see the oil coming through. Oil can be used to stabilize the wood and prevent it from rotting beyond repair.

Visual illustration on wood treatment

2)Emergency Provision: In the event of a massive total blackout,oil can be burned to provide heat. It should be noted that this is toxic and is not good for the air. But if you absolutely have to,fill a soda can with oil and use it as a lantern providing that you have something to use as a wick.

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3)Soften And Clean Leather Goods: Leather can be a real pain to break in,but a bit of used motor oil can help soften it so that the break in time is reduced from a few weeks to a couple of days.

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4)Maintain Garden Lawn Tools: If you've ever left your rake or lawn mower in the rain by accident,you know that slick feeling that it gets on the handles. That's the beginning of the wood decomposing which will eventually lead to splintering. To prevent this,coat the handles in used motor oil.

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5)Tool Protection Chambers: Mix oil and sand in a bucket until you have the consistency of wet sand and use as much as possible for your specific needs. Then store your tools in the bucket.

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