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“Mirror Mansion”- See Beautiful Pictures of a Mansion Built with Mirror. (Photos)

Mirror homes, like tiny houses before them, are the latest phenomenon in architecture to make design blogs swoon. Given the fact that mirror-encased homes have largely flourished in Europe over the past few years, US design minds are finding it. Such reflective homes capture the beautiful (and often isolated) landscapes that surround them, creating buildings that fit perfectly into nature.

Many of the mirrors are made with UV-reflective glass — a pattern that is almost invisible to humans but visible to birds — to help safeguard the natural environments in which they are located.

Keep scrolling to see the stunning vision that these homes generate when they vanish into woods, deserts and snow-covered vast tracts. Designed in the South Tyrolean Dolomite s, outside the city of Bolzan, Italy by architect Peter Pichler, the two mirror house houses sit side by side. Pichler's homes are surfaced with a UV-coated mirrored exterior that helps prevent bird from colliding. 

That unit has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, dormitory, and large windows to let in the sun. A long fence separates the houses, and each has its beautiful garden. On the inside of the building, the floor-to — ceiling glass walls still work their magic. Every unit is ideal for two people but can accommodate a maximum of four people. Rates cost at about $223 a night.

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