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Years Ago, A Photographer Found A "Hole" In The Desert - What He Discovered Amazed The Whole World

There are many wonderful locations in the world, however I have to say that this is one the craziest we've ever seen.

It may seem like a scene out of some science-fiction film.. however its absolutely real. Join me for a breath taking travel - deep underground.

Coober Pedy, a city in the southern part of Australia, is located in a completely unfriendly environment.

Years ago, the miners discovered a genius method to the intense heat outside and that is to construct their house underground. So they started constructing houses underground.

In these underground houses, the temperature is comfortable. An average appartment like this carries two bedrooms, kitchen, residing room and bath rooms. The stone partitions were painted to prevent dirt leaking off them.

Imagine residing in an area like this!

Most houses, companies, and homes in Coober Pedy are discovered in holes, and caves.

They also have church. Pretty awesome, isn't it?

A jewelry store.

and a beautiful book store.

You can loosen up in their underground pub with cold beer..

If you ever go to this city, you could sleep in an underground hotel. But we assume it's great to make sure you are not clastrophobic first.

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