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Few times street sellers and manufacturers have cheated consumers.

If you haven't been cheated by street vendors yet, anticipate it because it is inevitable.

I've seen so many cases in which what you buy is not what you expected.

In my secondary school days, attending evening lessons isn't up for debate, that fateful day after evening lesson on my way home, I was so hungry that if I saw any edible stuff I must eat. Then this guy selling meat pie or fish pie came my way. Joyfully I bought two meat pies thinking I'm going to enjoy my life, I broke it into two.....arrrrrgh I need to unsee what I saw, sour porridge Marconi, if it was sour I would have managed it but it had gone stale... I insulted the guy's destiny. Well, I learned great a lesson since then I don't buy anything edible from those guys pushing their goods on a wheelbarrow.

The truth is that most of their products are so attractive and shiny that you'd never have guessed that they are bad.

Somebody said he bought egg roll only to find garden egg and stew. Hahaha

Another person said she got only Irish potatoes in her meat pie. I weak for this country sha.

I believe this what meat pie should look like

and not this.

What actually reminded me of this was a post u saw on Facebook where people were lamenting on how vendors are wicked.

See a few posts and people's reaction:

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