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Interesting Fact: The Country with no Trash, which also buys Trash from other Countries

You know trash right? The useless and unwanted parts of things that were, either used for packaging or, have become old and inefficient due to continuous usage and are discarded.

Well in most countries, the garbage collector takes the garbage from the hands of people to a special places reserved for trash called landfills, if you have visited places like that, you may have noticed that there are very high piles of trash in those places and many of those piles are found in the place.

Well that's the case for most countries, but there's this one country that has allegedly used up all it's major trash and now imports trash from other countries. The country is Sweden, and you might wonder what they do with all the trash.

The Scandinavian country of Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe. In late 2016, Sweden experienced a stunning problem, they were running out of trash due to their innovative "waste to energy" (WTE) program.

Not to say that they don't produce trash, they do like the rest of the world but, they are more efficient in their waste management by recycling and converting more than 99 percent of household waste into energy which actually powers over 900 000 homes, which is about 9 percent of the whole country.

In 2015, almost 2.3 tonnes was used in this endeavour by one of Sweden's power plants, this led the country into a trash scarcity and it was forced to buy trash from other countries like the UK and Norway, importing about 1.3 tonnes of garbage each year.

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