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Would You Buy This House For ₦310 Million For Your Family?

Wonders will never end!

While many in the world live below $1 per day, there are people lining up to pay $800,000 (310 million naira) for THIS!

A 3 bedroom house in Waterloo, Australia is being offered for auction with a starting price of $800,000.

Built in the 1800s, this house is one of the oldest and rarest of it's kind in the city.

The house boasts a large living area, a kitchen and a dedicated laundry room.

On paper, this sounds like the perfect family home right?

But seriously, you can only see this "gutter" as a "house" when you look past the garden of refuse and trash, the very dangerous cracks in the floor, smoke residue on the walls and a ceiling that looks like it will kill you in your sleep!

Ooh, did I mention no indoor toilet!

Yep, no indoor toilet. And this wasn't a mistake from the brick layers my friends.

From the floor plan, you can see it was always the intention as there is no space assigned to having a toilet at all.

I said "no indoor toilet" not that there "no toilet" at all.

There's actually a container outside that serves as a toilet and shower.

So far, are you enjoying your 310 Million naira spent?

When we look inside... Well, there's a lot to talk about.

The living room is probably the best thing about the house.

With a high ceiling, you can see the beauty in the sitting room once you pump another 3 million into repairing it.

The kitchen is the exact opposite. It's small.

With the walls filled with smoke stains... But not from the place you are expecting.

As for the laundry room... You are better washing you clothes outside! Trust me.

The ceiling is being held up by a kitchen cabinet! The slightest shake and the roof will come crashing on your head.

The house was owned by two different families over about half a century.

It is believed that the second owner of the house was a chronic smoker.

That should explain all the smoke stains everywhere.

Real Estate Developer, McGee said "This kind of properties always get attraction because they are rare"

That explains the unbelievable price it's being offered for.

"It's a piece of art. We don't expect anyone to buy it for living... That would be stupid" he also added.

What are your opinions?

Do you think it's right that "art" this expensive should be bought while many are hungry?

If you were a billionaire, would you consider buying it?

Content created and supplied by: E.AOmolaju (via Opera News )

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