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I Mixed Kerosene with Water and Sprinkled it Around my Compound. This is What Happened!

Every household in Nigeria has heard, once used or is still making use of kerosene. In this modern era, most people have moved on from using kerosene to gas cylinders and hotplates. Kerosene is said to have been forgotten because most people lost interest in the use of stoves. Well, what can I say.

Kerosene is a type of thick, colourless petroleum. In some places, it is called coal oil. Note that the use of kerosene is not limited to stoves alone. In this article, I'll tell you what you can use kerosene mixed with water to do. Note that the water should be slightly more than the kerosene.

1. Warding off Snakes in your Environment

Snake are venomous reptiles and having them in your vicinity can be very dangerous to you and your family members. When you spray this mixture of kerosene and water around your house or compound and a snake ingests it, it will surely die. Trust me, I speak from experience.

2. Eliminating Weeds

We all know that there are mostly a lot of unwanted plants growing around our houses. Whenever you cut these plants, they still grow back no matter what. Well look no further, this solution is very effective. Just spray the mixture on the weeds and it will work like magic.

3. Prevents Rashes

This is just another amazing thing this mixture can do. You don't need to spray it around your house this time. If you have skin rashes, just rub it on the affected area until it clears. Avoid rubbing it around your face.

4. Prevents and Kills Wall Geckos

Like snakes, kerosene and water is very dangerous to wall geckos. I was once experiencing this problem. But when I sprinkled the mixture around my house, I didn't sight a gecko for a very long time.

5. It kills an army of ants in seconds

If you have ever seen a lot of ants in a single place disturbing you in your home, this remedy is perfect for you. Just mix your kerosene and water and sprinkle it around your house. No ants and other pesky insects will continue to disturb you.

Nb: Pictures used for illustrative purposes only!

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