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5 Weird Things All Women Secretly Do In The Bathroom

A bathroom is where individuals shower and cleanse their bodies. It generally contains a shower, sink with a bath or both. Some bathroom have toilet introduced in them and can likewise be used for defaecation purposes. They are furnished with sanitary towels, soap and different necessities. Both men and women often visit the restroom for personal cleanliness.I outlined some weird things which women do while they are in the bathroom and they never talk about them.

1. Pull the worst face possibly

Bathrooms are furnished with mirrors where one can take a look at herself after taking a shower. Women regularly use mirrors to admire themselves as they put on their cosmetics. However, some women check how ugly they can look by pulling the ugliest look ever while in the bathroom.

2. Sit on the latrine for quite a while to check the period flow

Women in their period use the bathroom to cleanse themselves. After washing their private parts, they sit on the latrine for long to look at if blood will flow out of their vaginas. 

3. Check the latrine for any blood spot 

Women on their menstrual cycle consistently check for blood spots before leaving the latrine. 

4. Farting

Women once in a while fart out in the open. However, they usually do it when they are far from everyone else in the bathroom. Farts discharged in the latrine smell dreadful than ordinary and this makes them lament doing it 

5. She tries to shake herself dry when she realizes there's no toilet paper

It is a normal experience to go to the bathroom and discover the toilet paper used up. At the point when women end up in such a circumstance, they try to shake themselves dry despite the fact that some urine is left in their pant.

No doubt, all women does this, I know what am saying cos it's true!

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