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Never Throw Away Your Noodles Water Again -See 6 Ways It Can Be Useful To You

Noodles is, one of the simplest and popular food to prepare in the world but have you ever considered what you do it leftover water. This article will show you that

Uses of noodles water

1.Use it to water your garden and flowers -while experimenting scientist discovered that you can use the leftover water from making noodles to help grow plants in your garden. The high mineral content in the pasta water can help it grow faster. 

2.Make pizza dough and other bread -one of the benefits of re using noodles water is that it keeps, away some flavor and start from the original Noodles. This will help give your home made bread an entirely new and distinctive. 

3.Soak beans and other vegetables -You are gonna thank yourself, when you begin to soak your beans in noodles water overnight. It helps the beans you about to prepare become so much easier to prepare the following day. 

4.Use it to wash your dirty dishes- When you soak dishes in noodles water, the starch begins to dissolve and act as a natural cleaning agent 

5.Use it to soak your aching feet- If you suffering from an aching feet after a long day of standing, then soaking your feet in noodles water is the best. Just warm it to a normal temperature and the heat and minerals do the trick

6.Use it to give your hair a new shine- If your hair has a tendency to look flat, you've come to the right place. Get your hair entirely wet with noodle water and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then use your normal shampoo and enjoy. 

Now that you have seen this article, hope twas helpful. Thank you.

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