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7 Things you Must Find in a Typical Nigerian Bathroom. Number 4 is Hilarious, don't Laugh Alone!

As Nigerians, we have our various habits and cultures. Every Nigerian home I visit seem to have almost the same content in the bathroom. I do not really know if this is because we do not have a sense of change or because they are basic necessities that are supposed to be in every home.

That's why in this article, I want to bring to light the things you must find in the bathroom of every Nigerian. Most of these things are traditions from our ancestors as some may say. And to other people, it is our mothers that force us to do or make use of this things.

Please kindly use a minute to like and share this article if you haven't. Moving to the main point, below are some of the things you must find in a typical Nigerian bathroom:

1. Bucket and Bowl

This is where the bath begins and ends.

2. Those Colourful Sponges

If I'm right, they are sold at the rate of about 100 naira each. They are very affordable and effective that's why you see them in most homes. Everyone in the house usually has a different colour.

3. The Popular Sponge Looking like a Bird Nest.

To wash away all your sins. Am I right??

4. That bathroom slippers that your mother has thrown on you or used to beat you.

This is how Nigerian children receive sense!

5. A thousand toothbrushes when there are just 5 people in the house.

Most of us Nigerians were not taught how do dispose our used toothbrushes.

6. The toothpaste no one wants to accept has finished.

I believe I quote Nigerian mothers well by saying "it must not waste". People go to the extent of cutting it and dipping your toothbrush to scoop some paste. Let it go would you?

7. The scrub brush

When you see this, just know you are about to do the most annoying chore.

All in all, let's all try to keep our environment especially our bathrooms clean. They can be responsible for a lot of infections you know. Please stay safe!

I hope you all had a lot of fun reading this article, which one was your favorite? Comment below.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Content created and supplied by: Klymax (via Opera News )

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