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A banana stem shouldn't be called a tree, it should be called this instead.

There are lots of things people have been making mistakes about their names but right now I will be talking mainly about the banana stem which a lot of people have been mistaken for a tree.

A lot of people have been mistaken to call a banana stem a tree and I am here to clarify people on it right now.

These mistakes has been made by several people, including biology teachers.

A banana tree shouldn't be called a tree because it has no distinguishing wooden tissue present in it.

What should it be called?

For the fact that it doesn't have any wooden tissue in it, banana tree is an herb instead.

It contain a very soft tissue which is mainly made up of water, so therefore it should be called "Herb" instead of calling it a banana tree.

I hope with this, I have been able to let you know that banana tree isn't a tree actually but it's an herb.

Kindly like and share for others to learn as well.

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