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See 7 Household Items Every Neat Woman Should Never Leave Uncleaned, Even For A Day.

Cleanliness, which is the state of being clean is a priceless virtue every woman should possess. And like Meagan Francis popular quote " Cleaning and organizing is a practice not a project," so once you're not clean then you're not clean. However, I know know there are some ladies who don't mind spending hours to clean the house, and this is why I will be sharing some household items you should pay super attention to the next time you're cleaning your house.

So this guide contains seven (7) household items that every clean lady must find time to clean everyday. Read And Learn.

1. Cutting Board.

Please note that your cutting board should be cleaned frequently, especially after you finish cooking. The reason for this is because of the presence of fungi and bacteria( from fish and meat cutting) on their surfaces.

Please note that you can soak your wooden cutting board in a mixture of vinegar and water for some minutes.

2. Sinks.

Many of us are fond of only washing our plates and hand. Please understand that you also need to properly wash the sink's bowl because a lot of germs must have sticked to the sink's bowl overtime.

3. Kitchen towels.

It is a fact that our kitchen towels get contaminated after several usage in the kitchen. The reason for this contamination is because it's one of the most used item in the kitchen. For this reason, the kitchen towel should be changed after some days, and if you have enough towels, change them daily.

Note that this also applies to your bathroom towels.

4. Bathroom tiles.

I personally believe that there's no perfect time to wash your bathroom tiles, infact it is better to wash the bathroom tiles whenever you are having your bath. This will not only save you some stress, but also prevent any chance of mold or bacteria growing.

5. Plates piled in water in the sink.

No matter how busy and tired you are, never leave your dirty plates and in the basin till the next morning. It's a bad habit because it makes the kitchen look dirty.

Personally, I advise that dishes should be washed as soon as you finish eating a meal.

6. Makeup brushes and combs.

The truth is that if you use your make up brush or comb for a long time without washing, it could turn into a breeding place for all types of germs and bacteria which isn't good for your hair and face.

So, it's advisable to wash them by soaking them in warm water after several use.

7. Kitchen Sponges.

Did you know that the sponge is one of the most dirty kitchen item? They are used in washing plates, spoons, cups, pots, etc. So, they should be cleaned every time. Note that the best way to kill the germs on our sponges is by microwaving it with little heat for few minutes (1-2 minutes). Please make sure you monitor the microwaving process carefully so as to prevent any damage. However if you don't have access to a a microwave, wash thoroughly with soap.

Please note that iron sponge should never be microwaved.

Bonus Points: others household that must never be left unclean includes:

✓ The blender.

✓ Stove cover.

✓ Plate tray.

Thanks for reading.

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