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Creative things to do while staying at home.

7 things you can do this lockdown, to keep you busy.

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There is a popular saying" the idle mind is the devil's workshop" which is ultimately true. Most of us that have nothing doing outside are just bored indoors , sleeping , eating, watching TV and so on. So I decided to suggest things that you can do, to keep you busy. Hope you find it worth while.

1. Acquire a skill: Yes, you can acquire a skill or skills. Skills like Baking, Cooking, Hair dressing, Barbing, Painting, Drawing and if you can sing, you keep training your voice to reach keys, that you couldn't before. You don't have to look for someone to teach you most of these things, everything is now digital, you can download videos on the net and keep practicing.

2. Read a novel: Honestly, we all have enough time to read that novel that we all have been hyping about. If you don't have a novel to read there are online apps where you can read books for free, apps like Wattpad, Any books,Aldimob and so many others. This leads on to next one.

3. Enhance your Vocabulary: Who doesn't like a fluent speaker? You too can be fluent. This is a really good opportunity to broaden your horizons. You can do this by reading novels as discussed earlier and also by reading the dictionary. Be versatile. Search for new words and learn them.

4.Exercise: This is not specifically for any body type, as believed by many. Exercise is any bodily activity that maintans physical fitness,overall wellness and health. One can decide to start exercising today and expect immediate result. No! It doesn't work that way. Take for example, while growing corn, you don't expect it to sprout in a day it takes time and efforts. Same goes for exercises. Consistency is key 5.Watch a movie: You can watch movies online with family members. Create your own cinema. Make it fun.

6.Stay positive: An optimistic mind is everything. Think positively. Successful people think positively. Accept only good vibes. Communicate with your family and friends. While doing this be slow to response, think before you speak,so as not to hurt anyone feeling.

7.Read your Bible: This is the greatest opportunity any one has to be closer to God. In this trying times, we have to keep our faith at the top. Read your bible, pray like never before.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Don't forget to like, share and comment. Stay safe.

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