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5 Things That You Will See For The First Time In Your Life

Welcome back to our blog and on today's list we have 5 things that you will be seeing for the first time in your life,so let keep rolling.

5. Shark eggs.

Unlike chicken eggs shark eggs are encased in a leathery watertight shell designed to keep the baby away from predator. The leather shield is especially important because mother sharks lend to swim away from their young ones after laying them leaving their progeny to fend for themselves from the very beginning.

4. Glow rocks.

Glow rocks are unique way to add a bit of ambient lighting to any outdoor area made from the photo luminescent resin,they absorb sunlight during the day and slowly release it throughout the evening and they can glow up to 2-3 hours after normal daylight exposure. Glow rocks get their names from"Chalix" the Greek word for lime.

3. Ghost plant.

Unlike most plants the ghost plant does not contain chlorophyll,which explains both its waxy whitish color and its inability to obtain energy from sunlight. The ghost plant instead absorbs its nutrients through a unique process called the mycoheterotrophy. Ghost plant reproduce vegetatively,even if a leaf drops off it will produce a new rosette quickly.

2. The Stone Forest.

The stone forest is a notable set of limestone formations about 500km located in shilin Yi Autonomous county,People's Republic of china,instead of trees stone forest is made up of towering,pillar like rocks formations.

1. The girl who shed tears of glasses.

Husnaa Muslumani experienced a miracle from God. She shed up to ten pieces of glass daily from her eyes without causing any damage. Hasnaa,a twelve year old girl who lives in fakha,says the unusual phenomena started on march of 28th this year when she woke up one morning feeling pain in her eye and something came out which was the glass.

Which of these things have you seen before or you have never see any of it before? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Israelvic (via Opera News )

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